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Cosmic Canine

Cosmic Canine

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The striking beauty of this wildlife piece is out of this world! This colorful canine looked so mystical, it only made sense to have her walking on the moon. The original piece was created with a plethora of different mediums- Colored pencils, pastels and acrylic paints. Celestial glitter dust was added to the original to create a holographic glow throughout the galactic clouds. This piece took longer to create than any other piece in the Lights & Darks collection. So much time and love went into this one!

She is actually a Northeastern coyote! The reference comes from talented wildlife artist Dee Clark, who photographs for Voran Productions. The first time I saw photos of this canine, I just knew I had to paint her. Coined with the name Deandria, this coyote is an absolute model! Many people see her and think she is a wolf because of her striking nature. In fact, Northeastern coyotes often test positive for a small percentage of wolf which comes down through the line of Canadian wolf migration.  Because of this, I left the name of the piece ambiguous so the owner of the art can call her whatever they wish!

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11x14inch glossy prints ship within 1-3 business days. Dress them up by adding a frame of your choice once you receive the your artwork. Prints can also be put up without a frame, and still look great!

16x20inch enlarged canvas prints are made to order and can take up to 2 weeks for processing time while your art is being specially made for you! Canvas prints are ready to hang on the wall, and look stunning in their presentation. Once shipped, your order will be updated with the tracking number.

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Sometimes I still have the original artwork tucked away in a safe place. Original works range from $200-$1,000. Please reach out to me directly if you're interested in the original of this piece!

Find me on IG @lights.and.darks to strike up a conversation, or use the chat function on the website!


11x14inch glossy prints will ship within 1-3 business days. Look out for a cylindrical shipping tube!

16x20inch canvas prints are made to order and have a processing time of up to 2 weeks. Once shipped, your order will be updated with the tracking information!