Black & White Commissions

Black & White Art:

Do you have an image you would like transformed into a classic Black and White style? My black
and white pieces are unique in the fact that they are created on a toned gray paper. Starting with a
background that had a midgrade value color allows me to make the lights lighter and the darks darker.
(You may be able to see where I found my name!) I accomplish this by using a variety of different value
graphite pencils, combined with some dark charcoal and a white charcoal pencil.
Pieces are typically done on 11×14 inch Strathmore Toned Gray paper. Assorted frames are available at a low cost for those who do not wish to frame the portrait on their own!

What Do I Need From You?

Simply provide me with the highest quality image you can of the portrait or piece you would like done.
The higher the quality of your image, the better detail will be in the final piece. Please ensure you get
permission from the photographer for any images you may not have the direct rights to. Each portrait
should be a two subject max (ie- 2 people, 2 pets, 1 pet/1 person…) to ensure there is enough room to
capture the details!

Please send your image and details of your request to From there we can discuss pricing and
customize a piece that works for you!