In the Beginning…

In the Beginning…

I have been creating art since before I can remember. Pages and pages of construction paper were consistently strewn about the house with scribbles of horses and puppies. I was lucky to have very supportive parents growing up, and looked forward to seeing their excited expressions every time I presented a new drawing to them. My mom’s reactions alone we’re enough to keep me motivated enough to create the next piece.

I always loved to create things, but around 8th grade is when I noticed that I was starting to become “good” at drawing. Although still fresh and slightly distorted, I was able to capture a slight likeness of my references. Seeing the faintest hint of improvement was enough to keep me going. I would find pictures of teen celebrities in Seventeen magazine and use them for references. Back then, there was no real “internet” to search for reference photos…certainly no social media or YouTube yet!

Throughout my teens and early twenties, most of my drawing happened in spurts. I would draw for hours on end for days on a time and create a bunch of new pictures. Other times it would be months between sessions where I sat down to draw a “real picture”. However, I would doodle incessantly during school. I recall getting in trouble in 5th grade for drawing during class (I know, MAJOR rebel!). I never really considered a career in art a possibility, but it was certain a part of my path since I was young.

Once I reached my mid twenties and got some partying out of the way, I started to want to add a little enrichment in my life. I found a portrait drawing class at a community college close to me and signed up for classes on Tuesday nights. This ended up being one of the best choices I could have made for myself, as it pushed me into the next chapter of my journey…

….More to come next week! šŸ˜‰

Thank you all for following along on the Lights and Darks blog. I appreciate all the support you have given as this little business works to get off it’s feet! Please leave some feedback and let me know what you’d like to hear more about in upcoming posts!

Stay Creative,

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