Becoming an Artist

When I was a fresh adolescent, I had a terrible little catch phrase I used to say. “I don’t even want to live past 30, because after that you’ll be old and boring”. Just awful, right? Well, here I am at a ripe 31 years of age and I’m still around to tell the tale. I’d tell younger me to suck a fat one and respect my elders. But, I’d also tell her just how freaking incredible life can be once you get outside your little box.

I’ve loved a lot of things in my time, but the one thing that’s always remained constant is my passion for art. This is the story I would tell younger me about how a fresh little artist manifested a dream she never believed could even come true. I suppose this story’s been going on for a while now, but in the year of 2018… Shit’s getting real.

There comes a day in your life you realize you can do anything you want to do.  You may not always get to choose what you see or experience on the way, but you ALWAYS get to choose your direction. I’m headed to a place where life is art. Visions of trading cubicles for the freedom of the open canvas. If you work hard enough for your passions, eventually they will work for you.

I’ve been drawing since I was young enough to hold a pencil. I can’t remember a life without painting and paper and colors strewn about. At 10 years old, I was drawing pictures from coloring books and selling them for $2 at the campground we used to frequent. I guess you could say the drive has been with me forever. I am, however, a token example of a girl who went to college to get a proper degree for a proper job because I never believed art would be a realistic career path. Cut to today. I’m three paragraphs into a blog I’ve been wanting to write for months but have kept putting off. Life is all about those small victories…the pivotal moments in life where you transform your thoughts into action.

My goal here is to live a life filled with art, music, colors and experience. For me, art is a creative outlet that I simply cannot help but do. It calms me down. It keeps my hands busy and eventually, if I work long enough, I feel a type of transcendence into the piece I’m working on. Art is a way to escape into another whole world. While it is almost certainly not easy, is it absolutely rewarding.

I want to use my art as a platform to inspire others, evoke emotion and build connections. Planning pieces with clients and hearing their reactions are some of the most golden moments of this entire journey. I am hoping this blog will serve to increase those connections and inspire others on their own journeys.

Be on the lookout for upcoming posts about new pieces, art technique, and life experiences I have that ultimately always influence the art I create. Music, dance, festivals, surfing, snowboarding and nature are all intertwining themes you will see sprinkled throughout my art and this blog. Please drop me a line to let me know what things you’d like to hear about! I would love to use this as a platform to share and help anybody I can!

Stay Creative,



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